The story of the Black VBB

This beautiful '64 VBB was imported to Australia from Vietnam and sold in Melbourne to a person who thought he was getting a good deal for his money.

Unfortunately the vehicle, despite its appearance, proved to be in very poor condition.

The engine was very worn out and, as shown below, it had been hastily assembled out of many different used parts with the sole intent to sell it quickly.

The Vespa scooters coming from Asian countries have had a very hard life. They were often repaired without the appropriate tools and some parts had to be hand built and manufactured with whatever was available at the time.











In these two pictures it is possible to see the damage caused by the crankshaft making contact with the crankcase at the level of the intake valve (left).     This damage was caused by worn crank bearings that allow the shaft to wobble and hit the side of the case. The shaft itself was worn at the bearings mounting collars and it had been indented with a pointy instrument to increase the contact surface to take up the play developed after years of operation. The picture also shows damage to the case all around the bearing caused by the unstable shaft moving irregularly.



The only sensible thing to do was to start from scratch and rebuild a new motor using the crankcase of a PX model. In these pictures we can see the progression in the assembly of the engine.   New cases, crankshaft and bearings, spring gear, output gear shaft, cruciform and cruciform shaft.......








.......complete clutch, rear brake and seal.........









.......piston, rebored cylinder, electronic PX ignition....... finally THIS........Video of the new engine's first start up

Well....this was a very expensive exercise but the Vespa has now got a PX engine and many more years of happy motoring ahead

Stop the press!!!!!!

Something new has happened.....Read on

After a couple of weeks the owner decided to have the Vespa re-sprayed in new colours to suit his business. The scooter was completely dismantled and the frame was taken to the Motorcycle Paint Clinic for a complete restoration of the whole body.

When the frame came back from the sandblasters we discovered that the body had been built by welding together pieces from 5 different Vespas.    Here are the pictures of our new discovery































































These images speak for themselves.... the shape and curves of the Vespa were sculptured in the filler that was covering the whole body.

After seeing this frame the owner refused to go on with the work. Luckily a 150 Sprint frame was available and we could still end up with a Vespa.

I will publish the pictures of the end result as soon as it is ready.


Well! It is now finished!  It is no longer a VBB because the frame is from a Sprint. The handlebars are from a ET3 Primavera but, finally, we have a very good looking and very safe to ride Vespa propelled by a new PX200 engine.

Here are some pictures of the reassembly process.


































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At the end, this Vespa cost over $9.500 but, although it may appear to be very high

price to pay, we need to consider that over 80% of this bike is brand new and the remaining 20%

is in perfect condition.  This Vespa will bring a lot of joy to its owner for the next 20 years.