Well...Just because I love Vespas it doesn't mean I don't like Lambrettas.

I learned to drive a scooter on a 125 LI and, after all these years, I still have that burning passion consuming me.

I therefore decided to buy the closest available thing to a Lambretta and, after a long search I found this '78 Spanish Serveta LI150 which, over the next few months, I intend restore to its original condition but using a different colour scheme.

Here are the pictures of the scooter as it arrived at my workshop... it looks like it is going to take a lot of tender loving care.







I certainly felt better after seeing the engine casing coming back to life after sandblasting. Here is a sequence showing the progression of the engine rebuilding process.  New parts include: Kick-starter plunger, Cruciform, Clutch disks, Transmission chain, Crankshaft (from Mec-Eur), Bearings and seals, Piston and.... much more






























Video of the Engine first start-up







I know that it is infact a mix between a Serveta and a Lambretta and some purists may not like it but...

              I LOVE IT !!!!!


























And there she is.... the new look Lambretta

Well... I knew I could not live her alone so, after a few months I started fiddling with my beloved Lambretta and I fitted a set of front shockers that improved the handling quite considerably.  I also decided to replace the single seat with a set of twin classic ones.  I personally chose the vinyl to match the beige of the trimmings and I had a specialist upholster to line the seats. Very expensive but a stunning result.

I also fitted a rear carry rack with the spare wheel and a passenger rest pad.

The engine also received a bit of a lift. It now has a 175cc piston, head and barrel kit fed by a lightweight brand new Dell'Orto 24mm carburattor.

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