PX 125

I was asked to pick up and repair this PX 125 from the owner's residence because of constant problems with the electrical system.

As I was loading the bike on my van the owner decided on the spot that he wanted the scooter completely dismantled and restored even though the Vespa was not, at that time,  in need of such a drastic solution.

There was some rust around the floor plate and on the front guard but nothing that a decent panel beater could not handle.

The electrical faults were due to the deterioration of the wires coming from the statore ( magneto) that were shortening out and touching each other. This is a common problem with the PXs once they reach 30.000 + Km.































And other pictures showing the re-birth of the Vespa with a beautiful livery in Piaggio "Bianco Dolomite" colour

Here is the engine as it came off the bike, during the rebuilding process and a picture of the stator with the wires replaced....







































This restoration turned out to be very expensive but the results speak for themselves. This is a real stunner that turns heads everywhere it goes


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