Lambretta 125 LI Series 3
This beautiful 125LI was brought to me for complete restoration.

The bike had been stored in a garage for several years and many of the body and moving parts had deteriorated and became bound together by rust and luck of lubrication. The engine was also seized and the electrical wiring was so brittle that it was coming apart when touched.

The fork arms pivot bushed had stuck to the pins so badly that it was impossible to pull them out of the housing without damaging the forks and compromising the safety of the scooter. 

At the end there was no other solution but to

discard the entire forks and replaced them

with a pair from a Serveta. 


Here are some pictures of the  dismantling process. In the centre pic. we can see a crack in the frame  around the area where the stand is mounted.                                                    















Here is the engine after hydroblasting........








.......and being reassembled using a GP200 crankshaft, a piston/barrel/head kit for a GP150 and an electronic ignition kit


















And here is the reassembly of the whole scooter as she comes back to life bit by bit




















And finally.....