Lambretta 150 cc. Series II

This beautiful Lambretta 1961 Series II was purchased and used in Florence by his current owner who, when he migrated to Australia, decided to take the scooter with him.

After over 30 years of good service the engine became a bit tired and I was asked to check it out so that it could be again used reliably around Melbourne.  I ended up replacing, amongst other minor items, the cruciform, chain, clutch, piston, barrel, bearing and oil seals.

The rebuilt engine brought the scooter back to life and, having rediscovered the joy of riding his Lambretta again, the owner decided to go ahead with a full restoration.

Here are the pictures of the scooter being disassembled and after sandblasting


 Followed by pictures of de disassembling process......

















The pictures below show a Vespa PX CDI and regulator kit being used to run the now electronic ignition an a very efficient 12V electrical system










.....And still in the van, just picked up from the sandblaster.









And finally, after nearly 7 months and a lot of work.....












Well... she is now in the hand of Joe, the Motorcycle Paint Clinic master for a professional paint job....More pictures of this restoration project as they become available we go, back from the panel beater and ready to be reassembled. Here is the re-birth of the Lambretta









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