The Vespa Wizard "For Sale" Page
The Vespa Wizard  is not a licensed motorcycle dealer and, even though I occasionally sell one of my own Vespas, I do not run a commercial motorcycle sale business.

As some of my customers have requested me to assist them with the sale of their Vespa I have opened this page on my website for the use of anyone who wants to sell their scooters.

I reserve the right to edit the advertising messages and I take no responsibility for any misleading information provided by the seller at the time of the submission.

This service will be free, for the time being, to all users but I will charge a small fee if it develops to a point that requires me to spend too much time in running it. It is also worth considering that, as more pictures are uploaded into the webpage, my bandwidth increases accordingly and I am paying for that increase.

Please write me an e-mail with your advertisement and some pictures (not larger than 250 KB) and I will endeavour to assist you in contacting the prospective buyer.