Colin '57 VNA
Here is another 1957 VNA saved from the scrap heap. Colin, the owner, bought this little beauty a few years ago and commissioned me to restore it a faithfully as possible to the original condition. He warned me that, if I had taken the job, I would have to expect a "very fussy" customer.

Well... I accepted the challenge and... here is how it was done.

Below are the pictures of the Vespa as it arrived at my workshop. Not very good looking



























And below are the pictures of the engine before and after hydroblasting, followed by a selection of pics of the engine being rebuilt.



























Next are the pictures of the body being rebuilt and images of the final product. What a result!



























In the last picture she appears to be turning her head away from the two new, automatic Vespas and I can almost hear her saying: " Look at me you two! I am just as beautiful as you are and... if it wasn't for me, designed and developed almost 60 years ago, you wouldn't be here today. So...a bit o respect, please!"