1959 Lambretta 125 Series I


I have been commissioned to restore this 1959 Lambretta 125 Series I by a couple in Lakes Entrance (VIC).

The lady's father bought it for $ 5.00 from the local bike shop in the early 70's in Bombala, a small town just over the

Victorian Border in the South East of N.S.W.  Apparently, in those days, some of the local nurses did their home visits

on scooters and it is possible that this one could have been one of theirs.

The Lambretta was subsequently used for riding around their sheep farm, usually joyriding, but often the children

would see their dad returning home with a large sheep balanced over the back of the seat.  So it was a work vehicle as well.

For the last 25 years the scooter was stored in a dusty corner of the hay shed waiting to be noticed.

The following pictures show the Lambretta's restoration progress from the time it arrived at my workshop.













The body is now at the panel beater and it will take a couple of months before we can have it back.

I will soon commence rebuilding the engine so...stay tuned....


And here is the engine being rebuilt

And...after sanblasting the body components and hydroblasting the engine....



















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The panel beating was done by Sasha, at Delux Kustom Restoration in Dandenong (Phone 03 9793 9250). The legshield and front guard were badly out of shape and had to be almost hand re-built, welded and reshaped to adapt them to the rest of the frame. It was a superb job that took a great amount of hours and patience.

Here are the pictures showing the reassembling of the Lambretta






































Finally, after all this time, money and work the Lambretta is back on the road.

Another piece of history saved from the scrapeyard.

Here she is, finished and ready to be loaded onto a trailer for her return journey to Lakes Entrance. I must confess that I felt a bit sad to see her go but I was also happy to know that it will bring joy to her owners and many happy memories to the Italians living in that area.