This beautiful 1958 VNA is absolutely authentic in every part as every component is from Italy.

After a period of over 30 years in a shed (According to the seller) I took it home and, after changing the fuel in the tank, the spark plug and a quick rub on the point surface with fine sand paper, it started at the third kick.

Over the next few months I intend to restore this gem to its former glory and, once registered, it will be for sale. 

I will be posting updated pictures of progress of this restoration.






























I completely dismantled the old girl and took the frame and body parts to the sandblaster.

The engine and most alloy parts were hydroblasted and returned to their original splendor.


Here we can see the body ready to be taken to the panel shop and the alloy parts after Hydroblasting


Engine assembly.

Here is a composite picture showing the progression of the engine assembly.

Most of the parts, all original, were still in very good working order, indicating the possibility that the engine had been re-built shortly before the Vespa was stored for the past 35 years.

New parts include: The cruciform, the kick starter gear, all oil seals and gaskets, points, condenser  and the transmission primary shaft's bearing.


In this photo the red wire going from the points to the condenser is in poor condition. Unfortunately I did not take a picture of the stator showing the new wire and condenser

And here is the very first kick!

After a bit of petrol down the carby and a thumb over the hole to give a bit of choke, here she comes to life.....what a feeling!




Here are some pictures of the front end and body's reassembly process































And here is the final result..












This little beauty was sold within a week to a customer who visited me for another job and fell in love with it










































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